Kristin Porter What's for lunch: leftover Chili Verde with lots of sharp cheddar, and crushed tortilla chips. How about you?
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  • kikees27 White chicken chili! With those exact toppings, and some cilantro!! Soo good!
  • maria Green monster and two hard boiled eggs
  • Panera Asian Chicken Salad :)
  • Good day for soup! I'm having veggie, kale and pinto bean soup!!!:)
  • #meowbitches Quinoa w\/shredded cheese and a boiled egg!
  • amanda Homemade deer jerky, Greek yogurt with granola, and an apple!
  • jamied Turkey sandwich on squishy wheat bread with pepperjack cheese.
  • Mollie Lyon Salad with pom seeds, hemp seeds, artichokes, and 2 hard boiled eggs
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