Kristin Porter Breakfast smoothie: frozen berries, frozen banana, chia seeds, oats, spinach, almond milk. Happy Monday!
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  • 🍃Jessica💗 I need a @blendtec!!!! Looks like my green smoothies :) love your blog @iowagirleats
  • Ali Ebright Yum!! This combo sounds delish!
  • Tom Hardinge Wow, this is next level from the IGE standard...seeds, oats, and mixed berries? Will have to try!
  • OMG-ours broke this AM?!?!:( So devastated! We're calling customer care to see about getting it fixed!
  • Erinn Love our blendtec- best purchase!
  • Ellen Obsessed with chia seeds!!!!:)
  • ninitime I never thought to put oats too!! Do u ever add chia seeds and flax in the same drink?? @iowagirleats
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