Kristin Porter Homemade sushi night!
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  • Nick Your hubby is the luckiest dude on the planet!
  • Let me know if there are leftovers!!! I'd be happy to come up and sample them! I crave sushi all the time and my silly husband hates it:(
  • M. Gabriela Contreras Omg it looks delicious! Yum
  • Lindsey Christensen And now I need sushi in my life like, pronto!
  • Would love to see a blog post on this! :)
  • @urbanwife she wrote one awhile ago and linked to it on her Friday favorites yesterday
  • @langjm awesome, thanks!
  • Mollie Lyon We went to cool basil tonight for dinner. Wanted sushi after first seeing this pic. They were outta sushi rice tho! So disappointing :(
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