Kristin Porter Explored Mt. Vernon and saw Washington's tomb today. Must-see spot for history lovers!
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  • Kristyn Jo @iowagirleats oh I adore my Vernon!! Enjoy!
  • Alison Sherwood I agree
  • jimmiedirt Love your scarf. I think I almost bought that for myself at Gap.
  • Emily i loooove Mt Vernon - we used to live in DC.
  • I tried to take my parents on Wednesday but the weather had other plans. Looks like you guys picked a much better day!
  • Julia McMillan Love your scarf!
  • Flavia Scalzitti My husband & I had our rehearsal dinner there (13 years ago!). My MIL planned the whole thing--first, a private guided tour of the house\/ grounds and then a private dinner at the restaurant. It was fantastic!
  • Kanoe Hey your not far from me lol! I live in Alexandria, VA! ❤ Mt Vernon 😁 @iowagirleats
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