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  • Kathryna Lau 依萱 what did you use to make this ?
  • clare @yisheun_chance Line Brush!! Download it haha (: it's fun if you enjoy doodling and drawing and stuff c;
  • Kathryna Lau 依萱 oic. thanks, downloaded that, gonna doodle loads of stuff soon XD hey, how about the one you used to create the fake video call ? i uploaded the one you made for me today and got a whole lot of likes on fb, Hahaha, so glad, what did you use to make it ? (:
  • clare @yisheun_chance Cool! I love Line Brush (: Really? Haha that's great :D Oh, there is no specific app I used to make the fake FaceTime call thing (: I put it all together using Collage Day, with the help of other apps (:
  • Kathryna Lau 依萱 oh, means you used a lot of app to make it ? but how about the frame ?
  • Kathryna Lau 依萱 @purplesky97
  • clare @yisheun_chance Haha frame? (: what frame? (: you mean like the FaceTime details thingy at the bottom? (: oh I snapshotted it when I facetimed my sister haha (: I opened that snapshot with Collage Day, and put a picture (of Greyson) over the top (: Hope I helped!! Oh and sorry for the late reply! Didn't see it haha <3
  • Kathryna Lau 依萱 ooh. that's a lot of work to do ! anyway, thanks a lot!! ;D
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