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  • the_jona_show @tsgoodies it's not needed today
  • leonela26 Ur gonna get fat if u keep eating like this lol ;)
  • the_jona_show @leonela26 I already gained 5 pounds I'm growing a belly lol
  • leonela26 I'm gonna FB mom and tell her to stop lol u can't have no belly
  • the_jona_show @leonela26 Lmfao I don't have 2 eat out everyday my mom calls me 2 come up and eat lol and why can't I have a belly lol
  • leonela26 I know which is y I'm gonna FB her cause she's the reason ur getting a belly....u can't just have a belly u have to gain weight all the way around not in one place lol
  • the_jona_show @leonela26 I have a Lil pudge nothing big im good I just wanna gain a few pounds that's it
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