imabornleader I am ready to do my #God will. Pray for me people...... #love #encouragement #joy #relationship
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  • pocahontas_xoxo_ Lol goodluck. I will read it first lol. If u don't use a WHOLE bunch of words and phrases I cant understand. Lol @realitypoetry
  • imabornleader Lol @ouwee_me_kiera my first book would just be a collage of the things I say to my mentees and other great and awesome stuff #God give me to say. I don't plan on using any big words but it will be some deep stuff that people will have to ponder about. You know nothing is simple about me :-)..but I have a journal that I write in now so when ever you come over u can read it. I also have some of my new poems that I am working on in it. This is only the begining stages. So now I have to go through my twitter account and facebook to get somethings off that also... I want to make it a book of wisdom and have a message of hope for each day of the year...
  • pocahontas_xoxo_ Sounds like a good Idea. Cant wait to read it. I know there is going to be some things to think about lol i just saying dont make it how you talk lol. But u got it all figured out. Wish I could help. But stay simple enough to understand lol. Oh i will just have u explain everything to me in simplier terms lol @realitypoetry
  • pocahontas_xoxo_ And since you will have a message for each day of the year make June 10th the best message lol bc its my bday
  • imabornleader U can and u will help.... @ouwee_me_kiera and I can only write like I talk... lol and I'm not that deep..... well maybe I am and I will see what I do about the date...
  • pocahontas_xoxo_ Okay. Idk how but ok. And lol yes you do talk deep. And ok u do that. @realitypoetry
  • heytawanna You Betta go boy!!!
  • imabornleader Thx @thisismeta ... the thought to write a book has been heavy on my heart for a while now I just didn't know what type of book. But a particular pastor always ask me when I'm going to write a book and yesterday at a show he asked me and told me that I need to write down all my thoughts and the things that the Lord give me and keep a record of it. And since that is what I been doing for the last couple of weeks I took that as confirmation... so just know that u @thisismeta will inspire a lot of it...
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