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  • dubstep_h Sweet #nonchalant posing there!
  • Sebastian Hincks Pitty I'm not shooting! Could have hung with you all day.
  • Banjo Vogt @snowbum_spaz are you back in Thredbo? I thought you were at perisher this year! We were on race duties until 1030 then rose the rest of the day... Kind of ordinary, would have been great to have some local knowledge with us!
  • Sebastian Hincks Riding P staying D'bo. But not there right now - forced to avoid school hols.
  • Banjo Vogt @snowbum_spaz haha both Thredbo and perisher seemed like a ghost town.... At least compared to what I've seen before ;)
  • Dillon Pamplin Diligent posing hahahaha
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