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  • Andre Grzesik What a pity! Then we visit you in the warehouse. ;) hahaha
  • Arizona Colt 💣 Haha yeah do it :) Your gonna visit Göteborg soon? @agmaniac
  • Andre Grzesik Not really soon. Maybe next summer. We make definitely a huge trip to Sweden next summer, Stockholm, Kiruna, Luleå and Hammerfest in Norway and maybe Göteborg for two days.
  • Andre Grzesik Either Stockholm for four days, or two days Stockholm and two days Göteborg. But I don't know.
  • Arizona Colt 💣 Göteborg is a great town but Stockholm is always stuff going on. But you should totaly come to Metal town next year :) @agmaniac
  • Andre Grzesik 5 years ago I made a trip to Stockholm and it'a awesome! :) Metal Town? When? Summer?
  • Arizona Colt 💣 Metal town is in the summer. Googel it :) @agmaniac
  • Andre Grzesik Probably a good idea! ;)
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