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  • Patrick Nice rack.
  • Doug­čîÇJohnston @LAYERxlayer haha thanks I made that quickly about a year ago, but it was before I had a drill press so its pretty rough. need to make two more racks this week actually. (getting another machine tomorrow!)
  • Patrick Another machine...? Another drill press or sewing?
  • Doug­čîÇJohnston @LAYERxlayer another sewing machine. actually it's two pfaffs but I will probably use one just for parts.
  • Patrick Was going to ask you about a machine source - we need a zig zag.
  • Doug­čîÇJohnston @LAYERxlayer so far I have been lucky with nyc-region craigslist. I will talk your ears off about zigzag machines!
  • Patrick I might be the one person that would enjoy that conversation...if you don't mind nerding out over woodshop tools.
  • Doug­čîÇJohnston @LAYERxlayer I love woodshop and metalshop tools! I love machines in general
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