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  • Marco Heaven!
  • dotmit I always find it odd when I see instagram pics of places I was at! Spent yesterday afternoon about 100 metres from here!
  • Amanda Grazie @markonosuke! 
  • Amanda @dotmit beautiful wasn't it? They need to sort out the WC situation though - I had to queue for half an hour! Might have to leave the lager next time! 
  • dotmit Haha just go to the men's instead, we won't mind! It's usually quicker to walk to the ones at Hyde Park Corner than to queue up for the ones in the park!
  • Amanda @dotmit I did! I'd been in the queue for 15 mins when a woman came out and said "the piss is one inch deep!" As I was wearing flip flops I thought it might not be a good idea. . Thanks for the tip, I'll do that next time. .
  • dotmit Hahaha! That must have been horrible! The park was so crowded, I prefer it when it's empty even if it's not as hot 😃
  • Amanda #jj_forum_0347
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