mills I've been neglecting my nails since I moved to Australia. half ass french tips #nails #nailsdid #nailpolish #polish #lacquer #liquorandlacquer
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  • mills @kateytree 😚
  • Maia Biel Have the tips lasted this long!?!? So epic
  • mills nooo not the gel polish. I freehanded these ones. they lasted two days before they chipped @blackjettas
  • Maia Biel Excellent freehand!! How long did gel last?
  • mills only about a week. i was told they would last 2-3. not worth it @blackjettas
  • Maia Biel That's so crazy!!! Katjas lasted her 4 weeks with no chips but grew out bad
  • mills do you know where she went to have them done? maybe mine chipped because i was packing a lot. you can buy supplies to do them at home!! @blackjettas
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