Neus This tramway goes from Soller town centre to Soller's harbor. In this if the tramway is going through the Constitution Square with Saint Bartomeu's parish church at the back. Majorca Island, Spain
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  • ATIZA.ME Qué maravilla!
  • Neus @zielonakoniczynka I never visit the party areas but Ibiza Island is more famous about the parties, not far from Mallorca by ship 😲
  • Fantastic capture!
  • Neus @zielonakoniczynka so hope u can come some day and enjoy it~ specially if u like trekking or bicycle u will love it
  • gamze22 İ didn't know that on mallorca tramway's work.
  • Neus @gamze22 only in Soller town~
  • Lauretta I did the excursion from palma to soller and to soller to the harbor.. Lovely!
  • Tina Were there last week too
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