Ayu, Shiba&Pug 💛💗 My boys 💛💛
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  • Tumblr I love pugs and the other ones just super cute even though I don't even know the breed of it lol
  • Tumblr Oh it's a husky or a baby wolf Im guessing
  • Aimee ミ☆ @shahnoor_wajahat I am pretty sure it's a Shiba-Inu! :D They are adorable.
  • Aimee ミ☆ Adorable picture! Your dogs are such good friends! Hah
  • a l e x a n d r a your pets are adorable 
  • Tumblr My Persian cat loves to play with my dog but my dogs super scared maybe. He's a scardy cat lol u can see him on my wall photos as well as my white Persian cat not the orange one
  • xkellynnx Awwwwww how adorable
  • Emily Pilditch Cute
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