Shayne #picstitch #fuckcancer #supportcancerresearch #trouble #bullshit #work #sucks #random #annoyed finally got in trouble for wearing my @fxckcancer bracelet. It offended a customer. In my honest opinion, people are too small and\/or close minded. It all goes to the same cause. Ya know? Oh well. 
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  • Fuck Cancer Someone got offended? Geez!!! I wish you could have asked them, "if they had cancer or if they lost a loved one to cancer what would they say?" I'm offended by cancer and the fact that it hurts so many and takes lives!!!!
  • Shayne Yeah dude. I wanted to say something too. But they complained to my manager "anonymously" and my manager couldnt tell me who it was. It totally ruined the rest of my shift. This braclet is one of my motivators that make me want to work hard. And now i cant even put it on at work. Where i need ot the most because i deal with picky ass, bitchy people. 
  • Shayne @fxckcancer
  • Fuck Cancer Thx 4 sharing! Please visit the Original Fuck Cancer Foundation & get your official FC gear at www.fuckcancerfoundation.org
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